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Heritage Paving creates an aesthetically pleasing Yorkstone look, with an authentic riven face and mason-fettled edges reminiscent of newly quarried Yorkstone.

Designed to blend well in almost every setting, Heritage Paving is supplied in four colours including Yorkstone, Calder Brown, Old Yorkstone and Weathered Yorkstone.

Customers Feedback

August 2011

“Dear Dave

Please find enclosed returned signed paper work for the recent work on our rear garden. Can we take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the project as we are absolutely delighted with the quality of finish which is of the highest standard. The Direct Gardens team were very easy to work with, special thanks must go to Tom and all the boys for their hard work and also pass on our sincere appreciation to Peter whose vision and dedication to detail in the planning and design of the project was excellent. The end

result is a tremendous credit to the whole team and we would not hesitate to recommend you to future clients.

Hope this is order but please do not hesitate to contact me if you require

further information.

Kind Regards
Iain Brown


The Work Phase

  Decking reconstruction and retaining wall  

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