Plant of the month – Clematis ‘rehderiana’ – Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’ (‘Ausmas’) ‘Fröhnleiten’


Clematis rehderiana bears branched clusters (panicles) of tubular yellow flowers that smother the plant for many weeks. This clematis is a great late-flowering climber that reaches its peak through high summer and keeps on flowering until early autumn.

This clematis has sprawling stems and will tolerate tough growing conditions provided there is adequate moisture in the soil.

Top 10 jobs for September

1. Divide herbaceous perennial

2. Pick autumn raspberries

  3.  Collect and sow seed from perennials and hardy annuals

  4.  Dig up remaining potatoes before slug damage spoils them

  5.  Net ponds before leaf fall gets underway

 6.   Keep up with watering of new plants, using rain or grey water if possible

  7.  Start to reduce the frequency of houseplant watering

 8.   Clean out cold frames and greenhouses so that they are ready for use in the autumn

  9.  Cover leafy vegetable crops with bird-proof netting

10.    Plant spring flowering bulbs